Mod Carousel

Mod Carousel is a multidisciplinary BOYlesque collective featuring the talents of the Luminous Pariah, Paris Original, and Trojan Original.


Mod Carousel has performed regularly since their founding in 2010. With over 25 shows in Europe and countless US performances under their belt, Mod C shows no signs of stopping their antics any time soon.

Meet the Troupe!

the Luminous Pariah

the Innovative Adonis

Trojan Original

the Red Hot Manimal

Paris Original

Poetry in Motion

As a classically trained dancer, Trojan Original is best described as "...what would happen if a cartoonist captured the disciplined essence of Baryschnikov and the campy styles of a self-aware Schwarzenegger."

His unique approach includes satire surrounding the incarnation of the modern male and a healthy dose of over-the-top to keep things lighthearted and hysterically funny.


A professional dancer, Paris Original is poetry in motion as he exudes the graceful elegance of balletic beauty. Paris calls on his extensive experience in many forms of dance and theatre to craft his unique style of Burlesque. Possessing a statuesque aesthetic, he utilizes his affinity for movement and creative costuming to captivate, inspire and capture the hearts of audiences wherever he goes.​ 

the Luminous Pariah is a Seattle-based interdisciplinary BOYlesque & cabaret performance artist, producer, and model. ​​


Along with regular Seattle performances, Luminous averages over 1/4 of each year on tour nationally and internationally. With over 50 international performances and countless US appearances, he is surely bound for a theater near you.​